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Rediscovering Pom Pom

We had forgotten about Pom Pom; it’s been a while since we ate there last. Pom Pom is a “tea house and sandwicheria” on Bumby Avenue in downtown Orlando area. It’s very easy to miss this hole in the wall while driving down Bumby. We went there for a lunch today at around 1pm and it was relatively busy. We managed to find a table inside and ordered one of their cold teas and 2 sandwiches; I got the chicken curry sandwich (Curry+apple+Raisin) while Dima ordered their Cobb sandwich (Turkey, avocado, blue cheese + stuff). Both sandwiches were great and the tea was tasty as well.

It was definitely busier than the couple of times we’ve been to it before. I like it when these independent restaurants get the traffic, especially in the chain restaurant capital of the world.

We grabbed a couple of great looking cupcakes on the way out. They were pretty excellent!! The cupcakes are baked and delivered by the Blue Bird Bake Shop in Orlando.

I’m glad we “rediscovered” Pom Pom. We’ll be there more often, I bet. Here are some pictures from our lunch.