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Costco – Veggie Patch Falafel

This veggie snack is another middle eastern food that seem to be following the lead of hummus in popularity here in the US. It is basically a mix of ground beans, bread crumbs and spices rolled into a ball. In the middle east it is usually deep fried and served in sandwich or together with hummus and mezzas.

Here’s a picture I found on Flicker for a breakfast in Jordan with falafel.

The falafel sold at Costco is pre-cooked, so you could actually eat it right out of the bag. The cooking suggestions on the package are microwave or conventional oven, and both ways tasted OK. The issue with not deep frying the falafel is that you don’t get the crunch of the outer layer which to me is a must of a good piece of falafel. I ate them deep fried at a friend’s house once and they tasted better.


You can eat falafel in many ways. One good option is to stuff in a pita with hummus a tomato/cucumber salad.

The Costco package sells for $9.99 for two indivually packaged portions – total weight is 2.2 lbs.

By the way, falafel in Jordan sells by the piece and you would get about 20 peices for a dollar these days.