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Our take on our Costco items and experience

Costco – Veggie Patch Falafel

This veggie snack is another middle eastern food that seem to be following the lead of hummus in popularity here in the US. It is basically a mix of ground beans, bread crumbs and spices rolled into a ball. In the middle east it is usually deep fried and served in sandwich or together with hummus and mezzas.

Here’s a picture I found on Flicker for a breakfast in Jordan with falafel.

The falafel sold at Costco is pre-cooked, so you could actually eat it right out of the bag. The cooking suggestions on the package are microwave or conventional oven, and both ways tasted OK. The issue with not deep frying the falafel is that you don’t get the crunch of the outer layer which to me is a must of a good piece of falafel. I ate them deep fried at a friend’s house once and they tasted better.


You can eat falafel in many ways. One good option is to stuff in a pita with hummus a tomato/cucumber salad.

The Costco package sells for $9.99 for two indivually packaged portions – total weight is 2.2 lbs.

By the way, falafel in Jordan sells by the piece and you would get about 20 peices for a dollar these days.


Costco – Rostello Roasted Sliced Turkey

There’s nothing much to say about sliced turkey. We tried few of the brands that Costco offers and we liked this one the best. Based on how long this has been offered, it seems that other Costco shoppers like it too. There are two individually sealed packs of turkey (10oz each) for a price of $6.99. 50 calories per 2oz of turkey.


Costco – Nutella

Do we need a review for this?? probably not. Ferrero’s Nutella is what many in the world use as a spread instead of peanut butter. One of our absolute favorite spreads with croissants, crepes, or just by itself, straight from the jar. What does it taste like? have you tasted a Rocher chocolate by Ferrero? Nutella is the hazelnut cream that’s right in the center. Imagine a full jar of that!

Costco’s deal is unbeatable. Two jars (26.5 oz each) for $8.79


Costco’s Key Lime Pie

I had doubts about what Dima wanted to do. She was looking for a desert item that she could have after dinner once or twice a week that wouldn’t involve a special trip to a take out place. She had tried the key lime pie at Costco and loved it and she was considering freezing the pie and eating it (it’s huge) over few weeks or more.

The pie (pictured) is $9.99 and it froze amazingly well. She’s been eating from it for over 2 months now and it still tastes great. Definitely a recommended item for Key Lime Pie fans.


Costco – Mass update

*** If you think we can be more helpful when it comes to our reviews, please let us know. We’re just starting out.***


When we figured out what we want to blog about, we decided to go ahead and take pictures of few of the items that we’ve purchased recently from our local Costco. Here’s the first batch

Almond Butter

After Dima read something about how good almond butter is we happened to see this at Costco. This is an all natural almond butter (i.e. nothing else but almond butter). It tastes, well like unsalted and pealed almonds. It’s unsweetened, so you probably would need to add some sugary stuff (jam or honey). Needs to be refrigerated after openning and has an expiration date of Jun 2010.  26 oz glass jar of California almonds and packed in NY.


Kirkland Canned Chicken Breast

This is an item that we’ve been using, on and off, for years now. Canned white chicken meet that can be mixed with sauces etc. for sandwiches or salad. I think we ate too much of this over the years that we don’t use it that much nowadays. I’ve seen them mix it with barbeque or buffalo sauces at Costco and serve on crackers. 6 cans of 12.5 oz for $10.99.


Le Petit Francaise French Baguettes

This is a freezer item. They’re partially baked baguettes that you need to stick in the oven and finish the baking. They come 10 per box, each 2 packed in a plastic bag. We like those as dinner options when we’re not in the mood for a cooking.


Kirkland Pesto Sauce

I’m not certain about this, but I think this is a relatively new item. 290 calories per 1/4 cup is pretty good for an olive oil based sauce… with cheese! We liked this sauce, and used it on pasta with chicken and with raviolis. We used 2/3 of the jar and forgot about it for a month or so. When we checked on it a couple of weeks ago it was bad, we threw it out.


Hannah Tzatziki Sauce

We use this sauce a lot in our Middle Eastern dishes, and since it is relatively easy (basically yogurt, cocumbers) we usually make it at home. Given that Costco is actually closer to our home than the grocery store, since it worked out as a good replacement. It is slightly thicker than what we make at home, but that’s easily fixed. Goes well with the packaged Falafel or the grape leaves from Costco.

Corn on the cob

Nothing particularly special about this item. they come as 8 in a package, 4 per bag. The bag is microwaveable, so you could choose to cook those in your microwave.


Spinach Lasagna

This is probably one of the few items that Costco carries that we didn’t like. Dima was looking for a good lasagna that is not too heavy (she didn’t believe that it doesn’t exist) and we bought this. There is a probably a pound of spinach in each package which made it too bitter for our taste. We didn’t like and we still have the second package in the freezer. It is sold in pairs.


Hannah Hummus

We particular about our hummus. We had doubts about prepacked hummus but were pleasantly surprised with this item. I won’t say that it rivals the properly home made hummus or one that you would eat in the Middle East, but it’s good enough. What’s surprising -and maybe a bit scary- is the shelf life. It lasted in our fridge for over a month and it still tasted good.


Sabra Pine Nut Hummus

We switched to Sabra because we liked the pine nut addition. the pine nut is not just on the top, but it is also mixed in the hummus. I see Sabra in many other grocery stores; the deal is much better at Costco of course. Same shelf life property as Hannah above.


Chicken Burgers (Spinach, Artichoke and 4 cheeses)

This is a seasonal item that you’ll find in the opened freezer area. They are fully cooked and all you need to do is heat them up. They actually taste pretty good. With the cheese mixed in, all you need to do is heat them, place on a bun with a slice of tomato and you’re good.