Winter Park Farmers Market

IMG_0167This is one of our favorite things to do on Saturday morning, a visit to the Winter Park Farmers Market. Located next to Central Park on Park Avenue, the converted rail freight depot and it’s yard offers a small but cozy area for vendors and farmers to offer their hand made goods and produce.


 The market offers a small selection of fresh produce, plants, seeds, crafts and food items. There is a crepe stand outsite, kettle corn, omlette/grill trailer outside, while inside the depot there is a host different food merchants, from cheeses and pickles to coffee and cake. A couple of our favorites are Davis Bakery (the station with the longest lines) and Irene french patesserie stand for great french baked stuff.










The market is crowded.. way more people than you should fit in that tiny space and it’s hard to find a place to sit sometimes and that could be annoying when holding a bagel or two, a drink and running after a toddler, but we seem to always find a spot on one of the large tables outside. Food is not cheap at the market.. a sandwich bagel is $7 and a pain au chocolat costs $3.5.  The price for produce is decent and it’s fresh.

We ordered an egg sandwich, a salmon bagel and a couple of citrus ice teas.

 IMG_0171      IMG_0173


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